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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to sell your model trains, but have questions? Here are answers to common FAQs…

To offer the most accurate quote for your model train collection, we will need an inventory list (download one of our templates above to get started) & photos. We cannot proceed without this information.

Once we receive your full inventory list and accompanying photos, we strive to respond within 5 business days.

How much is my model train collection worth? We hear that question often. The simple answer is: it depends on many factors.

Values fluctuate all the time in the model train industry, like in many other industries. While valuation guides can provide useful information and a starting point, the values they offer are never set in stone.

In reality, variables like item condition, current market conditions such as market sales and consumer demand all play a role.

Generally, you can expect to receive anywhere from 40%-65% of the fair market value.

Although selling your model train collection online or at a local train show can seem more lucrative, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. Factors to mull over include:

  • the fees & financial costs associated with selling on a platform like eBay
  • how willing you are to invest your time & efforts into repairing, photographing, listing & packing your trains
  • how soon you want to sell – if you’re looking for a quick sale, online ecommerce giants like eBay may not be the wisest strategy, especially if you have a larger collection

Once we have agreed upon a price, we ask that you securely package your model trains. We provide you with free, pre-paid insured UPS shipping labels.

Yes, once an agreement is reached, we will prepare a purchase contract and ask you to sign it before you ship your items to us (or at the time of pickup, if you are local).

Once we receive your shipment, we’ll inventory the collection within 5 business days. We’ll then reach out to confirm payment, via standard business check or Paypal (your choice).

We only by HO scale trains. Some popular manufacturers and importers include, but are not limited to:

  • Alco Models
  • Atlas
  • Broadway Limited
  • Hallmark
  • Intermountain
  • Kato
  • Key Model Imports
  • LMB Brass
  • MTH
  • Nickel Plate Products
  • Overland Models
  • Pacific Fast Mail
  • Proto 2000
  • Rivarossi
  • Sunset Brass
  • Tenshodo
  • Walthers
  • Westside Model Co.
  • and more…

If you want to sell your model train collection online and/or attend in-person train shows, you will have the best opportunity to obtain 100% market value. Read our informative article here that highlights the pros & cons to selling your trains on eBay and other online ecommerce platforms.

To be successful, plan to price your items accordingly (to account for selling fees) and be willing to devote lots of time (and patience).

If you have a smaller model train collection, this can be a smart sales strategy – but if you want to sell your model trains fast and be done, selling at train shows or online isn’t your best bet.

We buy from the US and Canada only at this time.